Girls’ night out

I didn’t get a blog entry up yesterday – I was too busy having fun!  For a Mother’s Day gift, Brett wanted me to get a nice hotel room and spend a night relaxing on my own.  I liked this idea but decided I would get bored all by myself.  So I invited Meghan to join the adventure.  Sorry, no pictures; too busy relaxing.

First, we headed up to the Arboretum area in North Austin.  After ascertaining the wait at three restaurants in the area, we picked The Cheesecake Factory and were seated at a nice, comfy booth.  We split the fried zucchini, crabcakes, and avocado rolls (yes, all fried, yummm), then shared a slice of the Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake.  Everything was tasty and perfect for nibbling as we spent the next two hours on girl talk – with no fits, no incessant “all done” signing, and no Cheerios thrown on the floor.

After that, we headed to our room at the Renaissance Hotel.  Since it’s UT graduation weekend, finding a room for this particular night was challenging, but luckily this is a large hotel with a room with two fluffy white queen beds waiting for us.  After a short trip to the hot tub only to find a weird guy there, we popped in Pride and Prejudice and relaxed in excessive fluffy-ness while sighing over Mr. Darcy.

When I looked at the clock this morning, I was pretty sure it must have broken overnight – 10:00??  How is it possible that I could have stayed in bed that long?  Thanks to our ridiculously thick curtains, we had no idea of the bright world outside, and with no distractions we had indeed achieved the now-unheard-of goal of sleeping in.

We enjoyed brunch at La Madeleine and then headed home, back to real life.  As fun as the night had been, we missed our kiddos and were a little curious about what shape our houses were in.  But we’re already tossing around plans for next year and are thankful for good food, friendship, rest, husbands who took over, and the little humans who made us mothers.

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