Dinner tonight – BBQ beans and sausage

A fun favorite childhood food – “beanie wienies” – canned baked beans mixed with sliced hot dogs.  Our favorite grown-up version – Slow Cooker Barbecued Beans and Sausage.  It’s quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive – about $1.35 a serving.  I’m usually a recipe rogue – I tweak and replace this or that – but I stick to the page on this one.  My one must-have for this is Stubb’s Original BBQ sauce.  Though this is a local Austin product, I have seen it in grocery stores in other states, so check for it!  Peppery, tangy, thick, yum!

To make it easier to eat, I cut up the sausage when it is done cooking and then mix it in with the beans, so everything is covered in tasty sauce (just like beanie wienies). And high in fiber, iron and protein.  Hannah loved it, but Brett finished his bowl first.  I finished last, but that’s probably because I was talking the whole time.

I took a picture, but it did just didn’t do the meal justice, so look at the picture on the recipe link and let your mouth water.  And I’ll keep practicing my food photography.

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