Cooked Lately

Holy cow, a family of six can eat a lot. Our grocery bill has increased dramatically in the last year, and I feel like food and meal prep takes a large part of my time. But I love cooking!

I post some food pics on Instagram, but here’s a compilation of the last couple months. I don’t always have recipes, I just wing it, but here are 12 things I’ve cooked lately:

Homemade Pizza

This is a fun one! I can keep it simple for the kids and use up all kinds of random veggies and cheeses on the grown-up one.

I’ve been using the herb pizza dough from Trader Joe’s or homemade with this quick-ish recipe. Below is a pre-made crust that I used for Cora’s cook night to make it really easy.

Grilled Zucchini with Goat Cheese

Not as pretty as the original recipe of course but tasty!

Buffalo Chickpea Salad Sandwich

I’m trying more plant-heavy and vegan recipes. This sounded intriguing and was surprisingly tasty!

(This was not part of the week I made all-vegetarian recipes for my family)

Spinach and Provolone Chicken on Swoodles

My Inspiralizer has been a fun way to be creative with veggies. These sweet potato “noodles” were a good base for this chicken (inspired by this recipe) which I simplified by sautéing chicken breasts then covering with cooked spinach and a slice of provolone then baking until the cheese was melted.

More Homemade Pizza

This one is potatoes and goat cheese. Would have been sooooo good if I’d had bacon.

Late Summer Goodness on a Plate

I grew something!!! This is amazing!! I’ve failed repeatedly at gardening (and even keeping houseplants alive), so it was shocking that the shishito pepper plants I grew in containers thrived this year! We can eat a lot of these grilled.

Tomatoes and kale are from my mom’s much more successful garden. Turkey burger topped with tomatoes and avocado, packet-grilled potatoes, roasted broccoli, and kale salad with cashews and oranges.

And More Homemade Pizza

This time artichoke hearts and mushrooms. I got a pizza pan this year and love how it makes the crust.

Veg On

I could seriously eat grilled shishito peppers every day. Plus quinoa salad and a creamy cabbage that wasn’t awesome.

Zoodles and Second-rate Green Beans

Spiralized zucchini with homemade meat sauce and my attempt at green beans with almonds. The kids ate green beans at a neighbor’s house for an emergency dinner when we had to take Grant to the ER, and they proclaimed these delicious. Of course, when I made it, they didn’t feel that way. Everything’s better at other people’s houses, haha.

Cinnamon Rolls

I tell the kids they can pick whatever they want for me to make on their birthdays. Hannah picked homemade cinnamon rolls. Smart girl. They’re so much work (I think I clocked five hours). but they make a lot and are truly delicious. I use the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

Cilantro Lime Shrimp on Turmeric Rice

This was a quick and easy meal! Rice cooked while I was sautéing the shrimp, and that’s the Asian salad kit from Aldi.

Chicken Verde Soup

And cold weather is here. This is Brett’s favorite soup of all time (I’ve been making it since 2009 and blogged about it in 2011), and he requests it often.

So there are a dozen things I’ve made and remembered to photograph. Do my kids happily eat all these veggies? No. But this is what I serve, and we obviously eat plenty of pizza to balance it out, haha.

What have you made recently? I’m always looking for ideas!